Hello! I'm John Chever from China.

My Chinese name is 江晨炜, which contains two meanings. The first meaning is that I was born in the early morning. The second meaning is that I will be a great person in the future, whether it comes true or not, I firmly believe it.

You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

I am a software engineer, and I insist on calling myself that. I understand that a software engineer needs to master system design, algorithm solving ability, and engineering building ability, and I have been aiming at these three directions.

Currently, I work for a cross-border e-commerce company with both challenges and potential and build distributed cloud-native architecture for them. I enjoy my current job and look forward to becoming a respected person in the future.

Who I am

I am a person who likes to think and have the habit of writing down what I think. Whether you can use tools or not is the key to distinguishing humans from animals, and whether you can believe or not is the key to determining a real human being. Therefore, this site aimed to record my deep thinking in some system architecture design, algorithms, or other things.

My Personal Desktop

I have a great development environment.

My personal desktop


Never hesitate to send me an email at [email protected], if you want to talk with me. I love getting email from you. Priority for technical issues.